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  1. Paleontology

    T. rex has another fine, feathered cousin

    A trio of fossils from China may tip the scales on dinosaurs’ public image.

  2. Life

    Virus proves protective against lupus in mice

    A mouse version of Epstein-Barr seems to prevent, not trigger, symptoms of the autoimmune disease.

  3. Physics

    Cloaks for hiding heat

    A proposed invisibility cloak for heat could shield computers or satellites from high temperatures.

  4. Life

    Gene might help sponges see

    Scientists provide a glimpse at how multicellular organisms handle light.

  5. Chemistry

    Better hydrogen storage process unveiled

    Scientists create a chemical switch that can catch and release the useful gas.

  6. Life

    Size doesn’t matter for crayfish’s one-two crunch

    Biological deception may give crustaceans an advantage during a fight.

  7. Life

    Exercise brings on DNA changes

    Workouts and caffeine can turn on genes that make energy-regulating proteins.

  8. Life

    When giant fleas roamed

    Fossils show ancient insects grew as long as 2 centimeters.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Osteoporosis drugs delivered wirelessly

    Implanted microchip that releases medications on command has been tested in people for the first time.

  10. Life

    Yeast find use for misfolded proteins

    Protein bundles may help single-celled organisms adapt to difficult environmental conditions.

  11. Life

    Shark’s skin adds forward boost

    Fish gets extra thrust by the teeth of its skin.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Addicts and siblings share brain features

    The finding suggests that diminished self-control and other behaviors may have a genetic component.