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  1. Space

    A cometary blizzard

    NASA's EPOXI mission encountered a snowstorm when it zipped by Comet Hartley 2.

  2. Space

    It came from another galaxy

    Extrasolar planet traces its origin outside the Milky Way to an ancient neighboring galaxy.

  3. Space

    Cost overruns and delays add up to $6.5 billion for NASA’s next-gen space telescope

    A new report finds that the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, will cost NASA at least $1.5 billion more than the $5 billion the agency estimated in 2008 and, to meet its scheduled 2015 launch date, will need $400 million of that additional money over the next two years.

  4. Space

    Milky Way’s black hole may blow bubbles

    Astronomers have discovered two giant blobs of gamma ray–emitting gas above and below the galaxy’s center.

  5. Space

    LHC switching gears

    The premier European collider will spend the next month smashing lead nuclei together.

  6. Space

    EPOXI spacecraft encounters comet

    Passing within 700 kilometers of the peanut-shaped Hartley 2 nets detailed pictures.

  7. Space

    Magnetars may fuel briefer bursts

    Rapidly spinning neutron stars could be the source of some short gamma-ray explosions, astronomers propose.

  8. Space

    Revealing the galaxy’s dark side

    Observations of the Milky Way’s center detect gamma rays characteristic of the universe’s missing mass.

  9. Space

    Spacecraft eavesdrops on distant stars

    By listening to sound waves, researchers hope to learn about the age and composition of distant worlds.

  10. Space

    New cosmic distance record-holder

    A faraway galaxy hails from a time when the 13.7-billion-year-old universe was a mere 600 million years old.

  11. Space

    Existence of habitable exoplanet questioned

    A Swiss team has failed to confirm what has recently been claimed to be the first planet outside the solar system that might be right for life.

  12. Space

    CSI: Asteroid Belt

    Astronomers hunt clues in the rubble of a recent collision between two space rocks.