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  1. Space

    Sun’s doldrums likely to last

    Despite a recent flare, solar physicists project low activity for up to a decade.

  2. Space

    ‘Deep Impact’ comet revisited

    NASA takes pictures of Tempel 1 five years after shooting it with a probe.

  3. Space

    Black holes take light for a spin

    Reseearchers say they have found a way to directly observe the existence of spinning black holes.

  4. Space

    Milky Way munched on galactic snack

    The galaxy appears to have gobbled up stars from another galaxy 700 million years ago, and may still have an appetite.

  5. Space

    The sun, captured from all the angles

    NASA reveals the first 360-degree panorama of the sun, which should enable early detection of potentially damaging solar storms.

  6. Space

    First stars may still shine

    Simulations suggest some slow-burning remnants of the early universe may still exist.

  7. Space

    Spacecraft sees signs of 1,200-plus worlds

    The Kepler mission releases information on hundreds of newly discovered candidate planets beyond the solar system, including about 50 that could be habitable.

  8. Space

    A galaxy far, far, far away

    The Hubble space telescope has observed what may be the most distant celestial object ever observed 13.2 billion light-years from Earth.

  9. Space

    Fresh pics of Mars’ groovy moon

    New close-up images of Phobos will help determine the landing site for the first craft slated to touch down there.

  10. Physics

    Tevatron to shut down in September

    Citing a lack of funds, the U.S. Department of Energy has essentially pulled out of the race to make the next great discovery in particle physics.

  11. Space

    Neighboring black hole puts on weight

    Galaxy M87's massive heart weighs as much as 6.6 billion suns.

  12. Space

    Planck telescope finds cold, weird wonders

    Survey's first results reveal the largest galaxy clusters and most frigid objects found in universe so far.