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  1. Space

    Fermilab data hint at possible new particle

    For the second time in weeks, results from powerful collisions of protons and antiprotons at Fermilab’s Tevatron accelerator can’t be explained with standard model of physics.

  2. Physics

    Remodeling the standard model

    Physicists could be on the verge of discovering a new elementary particle, studies at a U.S. accelerator suggest.

  3. Space

    First portraits of Mercury from orbit

    MESSENGER spacecraft to capture more than 1,500 images in three days.

  4. Space

    First shot of Mercury from orbit

    MESSENGER has radioed to Earth a new look at the first rock from the sun.

  5. Space

    Planets take shape in embryonic gas clouds

    A new theory of planetary formation may explain variety seen in extrasolar searches.

  6. Star Cents

    It will be the largest telescope ever launched into space, with a mirror that has about six times the light collecting area of Hubble’s. When the James Webb Space Telescope flies later this decade, its unparalleled infrared vision will record the flickers of the first stars and galaxies to light up the universe, in a […]

  7. Space

    Laser proposed to deflect space junk

    A ground-based device would use light to push debris off a collision course.

  8. Space

    MESSENGER eases into Mercury’s orbit

    After three flybys, a NASA spacecraft settles in for a closer look at the first planet.

  9. Astronomy

    New study gives dark energy a boost

    Measurements provide further evidence for a cosmic push that is accelerating the expansion of the universe.

  10. Space

    Meteorites may hold fossils from space — or not

    Skepticism greets claim that three space rocks may contain microfossils of extraterrestrial bacteria.

  11. Space

    The best next space missions

    The National Research Council issues recommendations for planetary science projects that NASA and NSF should fund starting in 2013.

  12. Space

    Stellar wormholes may exist

    Tunnels through spacetime would connect pairs of stars, new simulations suggest.