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  1. Astronomy

    Supermassive black hole rises and shines

    Astronomers may have witnessed the activation of a dormant supermassive black hole in a distant galaxy.

  2. Space

    Signs of dark matter from Minnesota mine

    An underground experiment in the U.S. bolsters the case that Earth plows through a halo of dark matter particles.

  3. Space

    Rumors of a Higgs discovery are just that

    Speculation suggests that a long-sought particle may be at hand, but most physicists remain skeptical.

  4. Space

    Former planet may have grown a tail

    Pluto appears to trail a cometlike cloud of gas.

  5. Space

    Dry ice, wetter Mars

    A previously unknown reservoir of frozen carbon dioxide could periodically vaporize, thickening the atmosphere and allowing liquid water to flow on the Red Planet’s surface.

  6. Space

    NASA pulls out of astrophysics missions

    Europe is now on its own for two planned spacecraft to study black holes and gravitational waves.

  7. Space

    NASA picks shuttles’ retirement homes

    Museums in New York, California, Florida and Virginia will display the four spacecraft after their final mission in June.

  8. Space

    XENON100 fails to find dark matter

    A hundred days of solitude for an experiment designed to rendezvous with the universe's missing mass put new limits on the elusive material's properties.

  9. Space

    Atom & Cosmos

    Life in black holes, energy from dark matter and other intriguing possibilities in this week's news

  10. Pre-Bang branes and bubbles

    Cosmologists Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok liken the early history of the universe to a play in which the protagonists — matter and radiation — move across the stage according to the laws of physics. Astronomers are actors who arrived on the scene 13.7 billion years too late to know what happened. If the universe […]

  11. Space

    Baffling blowup in distant galaxy

    A high-energy blast has gone on for 11 days, puzzling astronomers as to its source.

  12. Space

    Pioneer puzzle pinned on thermodynamics

    Waste heat, not exotic physics, is slowing two 1970s-era space probes down more than would be expected, a new study claims.