Happy birthday, Mr. Darwin

A beetle specimen that Charles Darwin collected in Argentina while voyaging on the Beagle has resurfaced and been newly named Darwinilus sedarisi, honoring both its discoverer and the writer David Sedaris.

Natural History Museum London

Guest post by Susan Milius

Not to worry, Mr. Darwin!  Specimen 708,  a male rove beetle that you collected in Argentina in 1832, has finally turned up after decades of being classified “not found.” And on your 205th birthday, a paper in ZooKeys names it Darwinilus sedarisi, a new species remarkable enough to deserve its own new genus.

Your ideas are in the news all the time, though they’ve taken some strange twists. And we’re still arguing about monogamy, upright walking in humans and the deep ancestors of animals. But be assured, we’re also still discovering “endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful.” We’ve gathered just a sampling of the news since your last birthday.

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