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  1. Animals

    A gentoo penguin’s dinner knows how to fight back

    Cameras attached to gentoo penguins off the Falkland Islands revealed that, despite the birds’ small size, their lobster krill prey can sometimes win in a fight.

  2. Ecosystems

    Madagascar’s predators are probably vulnerable to toxic toads

    The Asian common toad, an invasive species in Madagascar, produces a toxin in its skin that’s probably toxic to most of the island’s predators.

  3. Animals

    How a deep-sea geology trip led researchers to a doomed octopus nursery

    A healthy population of cephalopods could be hiding nearby, though, a new study contends.

  4. Animals

    How a social lifestyle helped drive a river otter species to near extinction

    A reconstruction of 20th-century hunting practices reveals why one species of Amazon river otters nearly went extinct while another persisted.

  5. Plants

    Pollinators are usually safe from a Venus flytrap

    A first-ever look at what pollinates the carnivorous Venus flytrap finds little overlap between pollinators and prey.

  6. Animals

    Tiny trackers reveal the secret lives of young sea turtles

    Young loggerhead turtles can end up in very different places in the Atlantic depending on when they hatch.

  7. Animals

    Coconut crabs are a bird’s worst nightmare

    A biologist witnesses a coconut crab taking out a blue-footed booby and documents the balance of the animals in an Indian Ocean archipelago.

  8. Animals

    Alligators eat sharks — and a whole lot more

    Alligators aren’t just freshwater creatures. They swim to salty waters and back, munching on plenty of foods along the way.

  9. Animals

    Invasive earthworms may be taking a toll on sugar maples

    Sugar maple trees in the Upper Great Lakes region are more likely to have dying branches when there are signs of an earthworm invasion, a new study finds.