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  1. red ochre handprints in a cave

    A magnetic field reversal 42,000 years ago may have contributed to mass extinctions

    The weakening of Earth's magnetic field beginning around 42,000 years ago correlates with a cascade of environmental crises, scientists say.

  2. illustration of a woolly rhino

    Climate change, not hunters, may have killed off woolly rhinos

    Ancient DNA indicates that numbers of woolly rhinos held steady long after people arrived on the scene.

  3. a kid in a clean room suit wearing gloves a mask and head covering playing with lego blocks
    Science & Society

    How science museums reinvented themselves to survive the pandemic

    The pandemic forced science museums to reach out to their communities, and some built a wider following.

  4. guttural toad

    Guttural toads shrank by a third after just 100 years on two islands

    Introduced in the 1920s, toads on two islands in the Indian Ocean have shrunken limbs and bodies that may be evidence that "island dwarfism" can evolve quickly.

  5. Collapsed Arecibo telescope

    Why losing Arecibo is a big deal for astronomy

    The radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory has collapsed, robbing scientists of a special tool for studying everything from asteroids to galaxies.

  6. Siberian mammoth

    Resurrecting woolly mammoth cells is hard to do

    Japanese scientists say some proteins in frozen mammoth cells may still work after 28,000 years. But that activity may be more mouse than mammoth.

  7. clamshells

    Neandertals dove and harvested clamshells for tools near Italy’s shores

    The discovery of sharpened shells broadens the reputation of Stone Age human relatives: Neandertals weren’t just one-trick mammoth hunters.

  8. Ol Doinyo Lengai

    Africa’s biggest collection of ancient human footprints has been found

    Preserved impressions in East Africa offer a glimpse of ancient human behavior.

  9. black and white image of dusty ruins in Greenwood after the massacre

    To find answers about the 1921 race massacre, Tulsa digs up its painful past

    A century ago, hundreds of people died in a horrific eruption of racial violence in Tulsa. A team of researchers may have found a mass grave from the event.

  10. mammoth, mastodon, and gomphothere

    How mammoths competed with other animals and lost

    Mammoths, mastodons and other ancient elephants were wiped out at the end of the last ice age by climate change and spear-wielding humans.

  11. hunting scene with mini buffalo

    A nearly 44,000-year-old hunting scene is the oldest known storytelling art

    Cave art in Indonesia dating to at least 43,900 years ago is the earliest known storytelling art, and shows otherworldly human-animal hunters.

  12. artist's rendering of Arctic hyenas

    Hyenas roamed the Arctic during the last ice age

    Two teeth confirm the idea that hyenas crossed the Bering land bridge into North America, a study finds.