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  1. Space

    What will astronauts need to survive the dangerous journey to Mars?

    Going to Mars, astronauts will need protections from microgravity and radiation, plus miniature medical devices to diagnose problems and help handle emergencies.

  2. Neuroscience

    Mice watching film noir show the surprising complexity of vision cells

    Only about 10 percent of mice’s vision cells behaved as researchers expected they would, a study finds.

  3. Quantum Physics

    Quantum mechanics means some black hole orbits are impossible to predict

    Computer simulations reveal that foreseeing the paths of three orbiting objects sometimes requires precision better than the quantum limit.

  4. Chemistry

    Beets bleed red but a chemistry tweak can create a blue hue

    A new blue dye derived from beet juice might prove an alternative to synthetic blue dyes in foods, cosmetics or fabrics.

  5. Humans

    It’s time to stop debating how to teach kids to read and follow the evidence

    Most children need help learning to read, but there’s long-standing disagreement on how best to help them. Decades of research have identified the most effective approaches.

  6. Animals

    The ‘insect apocalypse’ is more complicated than it sounds

    Freshwater arthropods trended upward, while terrestrial ones declined. But the study’s decades of data are spotty.

  7. Animals

    Australian fires have incinerated the habitats of up to 100 threatened species

    Hundreds of fires that are blazing across the continent’s southeast have created an unprecedented ecological disaster, scientists say.

  8. Genetics

    Gene-editing tool CRISPR wins the chemistry Nobel

    A gene-editing tool developed just eight years ago that has “revolutionized the life sciences” nabbed the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

  9. Animals

    Green darner dragonflies migrate a bit like monarch butterflies

    Some dragonflies do a north-south annual migration that takes at least three generations.

  10. Animals

    Collectors find plenty of bees but far fewer species than in the 1950s

    An analysis of global insect collections points to a major collapse in bee diversity since the 1990s.

  11. Life

    Slow sperm may fail at crashing ‘gates’ on their way to an egg

    A new study describes how sperm navigate narrow straits in the reproductive tract’s obstacle course to reach an egg.

  12. Planetary Science

    How upcoming missions to Mars will help predict its wild dust storms

    Predicting the weather on Mars is essential for landing and keeping rovers — or astronauts — safe on the surface. The next Mars missions will give forecasts a boost.