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  1. Neuroscience

    How a scientist-artist transformed our view of the brain

    The book ‘The Brain in Search of Itself’ chronicles the life of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, who discovered that the brain is made up of discrete cells.

  2. Animals

    Sea butterflies’ shells determine how the snails swim

    New aquarium videos show that sea butterflies of various shapes and sizes flutter through water differently.

  3. Plants

    A well-known wildflower turns out to be a secret carnivore

    A species of false asphodel wildflower snags prey with gluey, enzyme-secreting hairs, leaving a trail of insect corpses on its flowering stem.

  4. The human blueprint

    The Human Genome Project unveiled our genetic blueprint but also showed us how much we have to learn.

  5. Life

    Monarch caterpillars head-butt each other to fight for scarce food

    Video experiments show that monarch caterpillars turn aggressive when there’s not enough milkweed to go around.

  6. Genetics

    Who decides whether to use gene drives against malaria-carrying mosquitoes?

    As CRISPR-based gene drives to eliminate malaria-carrying mosquitoes pass new tests, the African public will weigh in on whether to unleash them.

  7. Animals

    Tiny crystals give a plain fish twinkling, colorful dots under light

    Fishes’ flashing photonic crystals may provide inspiration for ultra-miniaturized sensors that work in a living body.

  8. Animals

    Cicada science heats up when Brood X emerges. 2021 was no exception

    Mating mobs of big, hapless, 17-year-old cicadas made for a memorable spring in the Eastern United States

  9. Life

    How thin, delicate butterfly wings keep from overheating

    Structures in butterfly wings help living tissues such as veins release more heat than the rest of the wing.

  10. Space

    Stellar winds hint at how planetary nebulae get their stunning shapes

    Observations of red giant stars reveal that planets or even other stars may influence the shape of a nebula’s cloud of dust and gas.

  11. Plants

    Rats with poisonous hairdos live surprisingly sociable private lives

    Deadly, swaggering rodents purr and snuggle when they’re with mates and young.

  12. Tech

    Methanol fuel gives this tiny beetle bot the freedom to roam

    A new robot insect uses energy-dense methanol as fuel, not batteries. It could be a blueprint for future search-and-rescue bots with long run times.