Trishla Ostwal

Trishla Ostwal

Science writing intern, Fall 2021

Trishla Ostwal is a recent graduate of Columbia University School of Journalism. There, she wrote a wide range of stories on everything from the psychological impact of evictions to lead exposure in New York City to migration. Trishla previously worked in digital advertising and social media analytics and switched to journalism to create content that has more impact on people.

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  1. Life

    Here are our favorite cool, funny and bizarre science stories of 2021

    These are some of the fun science stories from this year that we couldn’t wait to talk about with friends.

  2. Climate

    Climate change could make Virginia’s Tangier Island uninhabitable by 2051

    Tangier Island could be lost to rising seas sooner than previously realized. Whether to save the island or move its residents remains undecided.

  3. Life

    How these sea-loving mangroves ended up far from the coast

    On the Yucatán Peninsula, mangroves trapped nearly 200 kilometers from the ocean are part of a “relict ecosystem” that’s more than 100,000 years old.

  4. Anthropology

    How catching birds bare-handed may hint at Neandertals’ hunting tactics

    By pretending to be Neandertals, researchers show that the ancient hominids likely had the skills to easily hunt crowlike birds called choughs.