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  1. seven puppies wearing jackets

    Dogs tune into people in ways even human-raised wolves don’t

    Puppies outpace wolf pups at engaging with humans, even with less exposure to people, supporting the idea that domestication has wired dogs’ brains.

  2. two sea otters in water

    Sea otters stay warm thanks to leaky mitochondria in their muscles

    For the smallest mammal in the ocean, staying warm is a challenge. Now, scientists have figured out how the animals keep themselves toasty.

  3. two researchers, one holding a torch in a dark cave

    How wielding lamps and torches shed new light on Stone Age cave art

    Experiments with stone lamps and juniper branch torches are helping scientists see 12,500-year-old cave art with fresh eyes.

  4. fossil of human jawbone

    Ancient human bones reveal the oldest known strain of the plague

    The earliest known plague strain emerged about 7,100 years ago and was less contagious as the one behind Black Death — but was still deadly.

  5. Chinese mountain cat

    Chinese mountain cats swap DNA with domestic cats, but aren’t their ancestors

    DNA suggests little-studied Chinese mountain cats have been rendezvousing with pet cats on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau since the 1950s.

  6. illustration of a cosmic filament

    Cosmic filaments may be the biggest spinning objects in space

    Filaments of dark matter and galaxies, which can stretch millions of light-years, might help astronomers figure out the origins of cosmic spin.

  7. image of Arabidopsis thaliana plant

    A widely studied lab plant has revealed a previously unknown organ

    A cantilever-like plant part long evaded researchers’ notice in widely studied Arabidopsis thaliana, grown in hundreds of labs worldwide.