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  1. Animals

    Poor Devils: Critters’ fights transmit cancer

    Tasmanian devils transmit cancer cells when they bite each other during routine squabbles, producing lesions that are often fatal.

  2. Animals

    Dangerous Times: Guppies don’t follow rules for old age

    A study of wild guppies suggests that life in a dangerous place does not automatically push evolution toward rapid aging as previously thought.

  3. Animals

    Life Without Sex

    The search is on for creatures that have evolved for eons without sex.

  4. Animals

    Retaking Flight: Some insects that didn’t use it didn’t lose it

    Stick insects may have done what biologists once thought was impossible: lose something as complicated as a wing in the course of evolution but recover it millions of years later.

  5. Animals

    Leave It to Evolution: Duplicated gene aids odd monkey diet

    A duplicated gene that has rapidly evolved helps certain monkey species thrive on a diet of leaves.