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  1. Animals

    Octopus, squid and cuttlefish arms evolved to ‘taste’ different compounds

    Octopus suckers can taste a variety of greasy, sticky molecules, while squid and cuttlefish suckers detect bitter compounds.

  2. Animals

    Octopuses and squid are masters of RNA editing while leaving DNA intact

    Modifications to RNA could explain the intelligence and flexibility of shell-less cephalopods.

  3. Life

    Honeybees waggle to communicate. But to do it well, they need dance lessons

    Young honeybees can’t perfect waggling on their own after all. Without older sisters to practice with, youngsters fail to nail distances.

  4. Science & Society

    Sea life offers a lens for self-exploration in ‘How Far the Light Reaches’

    In a collection of essays profiling 10 marine animals, author Sabrina Imbler mixes in stories of their own family, self-discovery, sexuality and healing.

  5. Paleontology

    Scientists are arguing over the identity of a fossilized 10-armed creature

    An ancient cephalopod fossil may be the oldest ancestor of octopuses, but the interpretation hinges on the identification of one feature.

  6. Animals

    Flamboyant cuttlefish save their bright patterns for flirting, fighting and fleeing

    A new field study of flamboyant cuttlefish shows they don’t always live up to their reputation.

  7. Animals

    Octopus sleep includes a frenzied, colorful, ‘active’ stage

    Four wild cephalopods snoozing in a lab had long stretches of quiet napping followed by brief bursts of REM-like sleep.

  8. Tech

    Watch this cuttlefish-inspired ‘skin’ morph into a 3-D shape

    New silicone material mimics cephalopod shape-shifting for quick camouflage.

  9. Tech

    A new soft bot mimics octopuses and inchworms to climb walls

    A new soft robot that scales walls could help with surveillance or building inspections.

  10. Animals

    Watch male cuttlefish fight over a female in the wild

    For the first time, researchers have observed the competitive mating behaviors of the European cuttlefish in the field.

  11. Science & Society

    Watch our most-viewed videos of 2017

    Cassini’s demise, cuttlefish and the Curiosity rover topped our list of most popular videos of 2017.

  12. Life

    Readers wrangle with definition of ‘species’

    Readers asked about the definition of "species," a new atomic clock and how a neutron star collision produces heavy elements.