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  1. Astronomy

    An otherwise quiet galaxy in the early universe is spewing star stuff

    Seen as it was 700 million years after the Big Bang, the galaxy churns out a relatively paltry number of stars. And yet it’s heaving gas into space.

  2. Astronomy

    The James Webb Space Telescope has reached its new home at last

    The most powerful telescope ever launched still has a long to-do list before it can start doing science.

  3. Space

    These discoveries from 2021, if true, could shake up science

    Discoveries in 2021, from hidden subatomic particles to the oldest animal fossils, could shake up science. But more evidence is needed to confirm them.

  4. Tech

    How ChatGPT and similar AI will disrupt education

    The new chatbot ChatGPT and other generative AI encourage cheating and offer up incorrect info, but they could also be used for good.

  5. Space

    ‘Oumuamua may be a chip knocked off an icy, Pluto-like exoplanet

    If the first interstellar visitor were a shard of nitrogen ice, it would explain some of its unusual behavior when it passed through our solar system.

  6. Astronomy

    How ‘hot Jupiters’ may get their weirdly tight orbits

    Gravitational kicks from other planets and stars can send giant worlds into orbits that bring them close to their suns.

  7. Space

    A rush to watch a supernova exposed its last gasp before exploding

    By studying the final years of stars, scientists hope to find clues to help them recognize when other stars are about to blow.

  8. Space

    Here’s what the next 10 years of space science could look like

    In the latest Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey, astronomers have their sights set on a whole fleet of next-generation space telescopes.

  9. Space

    Crushed space rocks hint at exoplanets’ early atmospheric makeup

    Experiments that heat crushed-up meteorites are helping astronomers understand what to look for in exoplanet atmospheres.

  10. Planetary Science

    How the laws of physics constrain the size of alien raindrops

    Physics limits the size of raindrops, no matter what they’re made of or what planet they fall on.

  11. Astronomy

    Any aliens orbiting these 2,000 stars could spot Earth crossing the sun

    Alien astronomers in those star systems could discover Earth the way we find exoplanets: by watching for a dip in starlight.

  12. Astronomy

    The tiny dot in this image may be the first look at exomoons in the making

    New ALMA observations offer some of the strongest evidence yet that planets around other stars have moons.