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  1. Agriculture

    Some bioenergy crops are greener than others

    In the Upper Midwest, switchgrass trumps maize at boosting ecological health.

  2. Climate

    Wetter permafrost clings to carbon better

    In 12-year lab study, moist soil samples released less greenhouse gas as they warmed.

  3. Animals

    Elephant diets changed millions of years before their teeth

    The animals fed on grasses long before their molars could grind the tough plants.

  4. Genetics

    When flowers died out in Arctic, so did mammoths

    Genetic analysis finds vegetation change in the Arctic around same time as megafauna extinction.

  5. Anthropology

    Human ancestors scrambled to their feet, a new explanation for bipedalism asserts

  6. Humans

    Eruption early in human prehistory may have been more whimper than bang

    If Hollywood’s right, the apocalypse will be brutal. Aliens, nuclear war, zombies, plague, enslavement by supersmart robots — none of them are good endings. Some archaeologists, however, believe an apocalypse has already come and gone. About 75,000 years ago, they say, a monster volcanic eruption nearly wiped out humankind, leaving behind only a few thousand people to […]

  7. Humankind’s destructive streak may be older than the species itself

    Some scientists have proposed designating a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene, that would cover the period since humans became the predominant environmental force on the planet. But when would you have it begin? Some geologists argue that the Anthropocene began with the Industrial Revolution, when fossil fuel consumption started influencing climate. Others point back several […]

  8. Humans

    Oceans set stage for human evolution

    Temperature changes off the coast dried out East Africa and allowed grasslands to spread starting around 2 million years ago.

  9. Humans

    Fewer fires in Africa these days

    How flames spread, not how frequently people start them, controls burning on the continent.

  10. Life

    Take my enemy, please

    The risky business of relocating endangered species might have better outcomes if conservationists shift solitary animals along with their usual territorial rivals.

  11. Earth

    Earth & Environment

    Earth’s bulging waistline, plus ancient mangrove swamps and new threats from wildfires in this week’s news.

  12. Earth

    Trees have a tipping point

    Satellite data confirm that the amount of forest cover can shift suddenly in response to relatively small changes in fire frequency and rainfall.