1. Animals

    Nephews, Cousins . . . Who Cares? Detecting kin doesn’t mean favoring them

    New tests of the amazing nose power of Belding's ground squirrels has solved a 25-year-old puzzle about doing dangerous favors for relatives.

  2. Animals

    Lemonade from Broken Amber

    The fossilized microbes found inside termites that have been encased in amber for 20 million years are remarkably similar to those found within the ancient insects' modern cousins.

  3. Animals

    Cold Hamsters: Wild species boosts immunity for winter

    Hamsters that have to survive winter outdoors in Siberia rev up their immune systems, including their response to psychological stress, when days grow short.

  4. Animals

    Leave It to Evolution: Duplicated gene aids odd monkey diet

    A duplicated gene that has rapidly evolved helps certain monkey species thrive on a diet of leaves.

  5. Animals

    Honey-Scented Elephants: Young males’ faces drip sweet signals

    An Asian bull elephant just reaching maturity secretes a liquid from glands on its face that smells like honey.

  6. Animals

    Yellower blue tits make better dads

    The yellow feathers on a male blue tit's breast could tell females that he'll be a good provider for the chicks.

  7. Animals

    Hanging around Mom’s web helps everybody

    For nearly grown spiderlings, lingering in their mother's web instead of setting off on their own turns out to be a boon for the mom, as well as themselves.

  8. Animals

    Unknown squids—with elbows—tease science

    Glimpses from around the world suggest that the ocean depths hold novel, long-armed squids that belong in no known family.

  9. Animals

    Crows appear to make tools right-handedly

    A study of 3,700 leaf remnants from crows making tools suggests that the birds prefer to work "right-handed."

  10. Animals

    Female ducks can double eggs by trickery

    Female goldeneye ducks can double their offspring by sneaking eggs into other females' nests before settling down to a nest of their own.

  11. Animals

    New lizard ties for ‘world’s smallest’

    A newly discovered lizard small enough to curl up on a dime ties for the title of the smallest of its kind in the world.

  12. Animals

    The Tropical Majority

    The abundant studies of temperate-zone birds may have biased ornithology when it comes to understanding the tropics.