1. Animals

    Female owls: First to advertise good genes

    Swiss researchers find the first case of a female flashing ornaments that advertise her gene quality to choosy males.

  2. Animals

    Upside Way Down: Video turns fish story on its head

    The first video of whipnose anglerfish reveals them swimming upside down and trolling for prey on the 5,000-meter deep ocean floor.

  3. Animals

    That special wax lasts after courtship

    Sandpipers' special wax for their wings during the breeding season may have less to do with courting a mate and more to do with sitting on eggs.

  4. Animals

    The truth is, frogs bluff and crabs cheat

    Two research teams say they've caught wild animals bluffing, only the second and third examples (outside of primate antics) ever recorded.

  5. Animals

    Music without Borders

    When birds trill and whales woo-oo, we call it singing. Are we serious?

  6. Animals

    Eat the Kids: Are cannibal fish just freshening the O2?

    In beaugregory damselfish, males that snack on some of the eggs supposedly in their care may end up benefiting the rest of the egg clutch by making more oxygen available.

  7. Animals

    Pregnant—and Still Macho

    Some of the basic theories of sexual behavior and sexual selection are getting attention thanks to a burst of new studies in the topsy-turvy social world of the seahorse, where the males get pregnant.

  8. Animals

    Hormone still rules no-tadpole frogs

    Coqui frogs may skip the tadpole stage, but within the egg, they undergo a metamorphosis ruled by thyroid hormone.

  9. Animals

    Many fish run on empty

    Many fish eat all the time, while some others spend their days going from brief feast to lengthy famine.

  10. Animals

    Singing frog in China evokes whales, primates

    A frog in China warbles and flutes with such versatility that its high-pitched calls sound like those of birds or whales.

  11. Animals

    Ant Enforcers: To call in punishment, top ant smears rival

    In Brazilian ant colonies where a female has to fight her way to the top, she stays in power through some judicious gang violence.

  12. Animals

    Blame winter for the vanishing sparrows

    Changes in winter farming practices may help explain a puzzling drop in number of rural house sparrows in southern England.