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 Man Bac archaeological site

CHINA TIES  Excavations at Vietnam’s Man Bac site, including this work in 2007, uncovered skeletons of farmers from around 4,000 years ago. DNA from these skeletons supports an idea that ancient migrants from southern China spread farming and languages throughout much of Southeast Asia.

rhino bones

MEAT AND GREET  An excavation in the Philippines unearthed the oldest evidence of hominids on these islands. Key finds consisted of rhino bones with butchery marks (shown) and stone tools.

Lion Gate sculpture

ENIGMATIC ENGINEERING  An ancient sculpture known as the Lion Gate relief contains marks in a column (center of image) that may have been made by a pendulum saw. The lions, now headless, stood above the main entrance to the citadel of Mycenae, in what is now Greece.

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