1. Climate

    IPCC Lite

    A new primer on climate change is slim and trim.

  2. Climate

    Trade affects China’s carbon footprint

    Featured blog: Goods exported from China to the United States and elsewhere account for a huge share of the Asian behemoth's emissions of greenhouse gases.

  3. Astronomy

    Science Future for August 2, 2008

  4. Climate

    Hydrogen economy sustainable in 15 years

    Hydrogen fuel cells can eventually replace the combustion engine, but meanwhile a wider range of technologies will be needed to reduce carbon emissions.

  5. Climate

    Another climate ailment

    Global warming may turn out to be more than just a pain in the neck: Rising average temperatures could trigger an increased prevalence of kidney stones.

  6. Chemistry

    CO2: Only One Flavor

    Federal climate policymakers should have a grounding in basic chemistry.

  7. Ecosystems

    Aspiring to Save the Planet

    The failure of the G-8 Summit to put some teeth in greenhouse-gas limits suggests it may be time for a global climate czar.

  8. Climate

    BOOK LIST | Flash Floods in Texas

  9. Science & Society

    Climate Threatens Living Fossil

    Thanks to global warming, within the lifetimes of certain reptiles in the South Pacific, all members of their species could be born male.

  10. Climate

    EPA asks: Could you drive less?

    Gas prices may need to climb more before most of us do the right thing.

  11. Plants

    Forest invades tundra

    The Arctic tundra is under assault from trees, with serious implications for global climate change.

  12. Climate

    Now that’s abrupt

    Past abrupt climate change in the North Atlantic could have started as far south as China, scientists say.