1. Science & Society

    Climate Threatens Living Fossil

    Thanks to global warming, within the lifetimes of certain reptiles in the South Pacific, all members of their species could be born male.

  2. Climate

    EPA asks: Could you drive less?

    Gas prices may need to climb more before most of us do the right thing.

  3. Plants

    Forest invades tundra

    The Arctic tundra is under assault from trees, with serious implications for global climate change.

  4. Climate

    Now that’s abrupt

    Past abrupt climate change in the North Atlantic could have started as far south as China, scientists say.

  5. Climate

    Goldilocks tree leaves

    Leaves mostly keep their cool (or warmth) wherever they live, a finding that might affect reconstructions of past climates.

  6. Climate

    Polar Bear Fallout

    Why fights are likely to break out in the next few months to years between industry, environmental advocates, and the feds as regulations are developed, and litigated, over how to conserve declining numbers of polar bears.

  7. Climate

    Science academies call for climate action

    Thirteen national academies of science today called on world leaders to “to limit the threat of climate change.” Read more in the current Science & the Public blog by Janet Raloff.

  8. Agriculture

    Federal Research Censorship

    The media-affairs office in federal agencies can be fairly obstructionist, and when they do, the public comes out the loser.

  9. Agriculture

    Green Living, Chinese-Style

    Chinese is developing eco-cities to take their citizens straight from the agricultural to the ecological age.

  10. Climate

    Already feeling the heat

    Long-delayed U.S. government summary of climate change science sees effects on energy, transportation, farming, and water.

  11. Earth

    Political Science

    New York's mayor argues that science should not only inform action, but also prod it.

  12. Climate

    Ocean reflux

    Upwelling off Californian coast offers taste of predicted ocean acidification.