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The size of the asteroid that may have killed the dinosaurs (Chicxulub) and even Mount Everest look tiny compared to a space rock that may have slammed into Earth 3.26 billion years ago. 

CRACKING EARTH’S SKIN  Intermittent weakening of corridors of crust on early Earth could have created plate boundaries through proto-subduction, a new simulation finds. Once weak zones became established plate boundaries, a plate could move and rotate, something like the present-day Pacific plate. The plate’s movement is evidenced by the sharp bend in the Emperor-Hawaiian island chain, a series of volcanoes that includes the Hawaiian Islands. The warm colors mark the plate boundaries.

Students at Twin Lakes Elementary School in Federal Way, Wash., take shelter under tables in a 2012 earthquake drill. Millions of people took part in the “Great ShakeOut” to prepare for the possibility of real quakes in the future.

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