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Yellowstone's magma reservoir

HOT STUFF   Scientists have spotted a massive magma reservoir buried deep inside the Yellowstone supervolcano, connecting the mantle plume that fuels the volcanic system to a smaller magma chamber closer to the surface.

Meteorite from Chelyabinsk, Russia

Meteorites with dark veins and blobs, like the sample above, experienced high heat when the blast from the planetary collision that formed the moon hit the asteroid belt 4.47 billion years ago. The dark coloration on the edge of the sample is from entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Americas map

CONTINENTAL CONNECTION  The seaway separating North and South America, illustrated as it was 35 million years ago (left), may have closed more than 13 million years ago and about 10 million years earlier than previously thought, new evidence suggests. Today, Central America separates the modern Atlantic and Pacific oceans (right).

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