1. Genetics

    Dogs’ origins lie in Europe

    First domesticated canines did not live in China or Middle East, a study of mitochondrial DNA finds.

  2. Genetics

    Genetic difference in blood clotting may underlie racial health disparity

    Finding could help explain difference between blacks and whites in heart attack survival.

  3. Life

    Gene makes old cells act young again

    Turning on a gene called Lin28a in old, damaged tissue may help the cells heal quicker.

  4. Genetics

    Exploring dog origins with data and a dose of imagination

  5. Genetics

    People’s genes welcome their microbes

    In mice and humans, genetic variants seem to control the bacterial mix on and in bodies.

  6. Genetics

    Genetic variants may keep Siberians warm

    People in frigid cold evolved changes in fat metabolism, shivering.

  7. Genetics

    Reprogrammed stem cells may mirror embryonic ones after all

    Donor genetics may explain why the two cell types vary.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Gene links smoking, multiple sclerosis

  9. Humans

    What makes a face go round

    Genetic enhancers acting far away from their intended genes can help shape a face during development.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Inactive HIV poses even greater barrier to cure

    The reservoir of dormant virus strains is larger than scientists estimated, a finding that could make the virus harder to combat.

  11. Genetics

    Dog clone genome nearly identical to donor DNA

    The genetic material of Snuppy and of his donor, Tai, is nearly identical.

  12. Life

    Good news for giant pandas

    The animal’s immune system has higher than expected genetic diversity, which could lead to better breeding programs.