1. Animals

    Musical Pairs: Egg-deploying bird species divide for a song

    A new genetic analysis bolsters the idea that musical taste, rather than geography, split Africa's indigobirds into multiple species.

  2. Ecosystems

    Risky High Life: Mountain creatures prove extra-vulnerable

    Some of the species hardest hit by climate change will be those living in particular mountain highlands.

  3. Plants

    Next loosestrife is already loose

    A Florida botanist warns against Nymphoides cristata and Rotala rotundifolia, very troublesome escapees from aquariums and water gardens.

  4. Plants

    Misunderstood stripes confuse individuality

    In the debate over how many fungi make up one lichen body, a researcher argues for two unrelated fungal species in the same lichen.

  5. Plants

    Everglades plant is he, then she, then he

    Sawgrass, the signature plant of the Everglades, switches genders twice during its week of blooming and thus reduces the chances of self- fertilization.

  6. Ecosystems

    Shark Serengeti: Ocean predators have diversity hot spots

    The first search for oceanic spots of exceptional diversity in predators has turned up marine versions of the teeming Serengeti plains.

  7. Paleontology

    Three Species No Moa? Fossil DNA analysis yields surprise

    Analyses of genetic material from the fossils of large flightless birds called moas suggest that three types of the extinct birds may not be separate species after all.

  8. Ecosystems

    Virtual skylarks suffer weed shortfall

    A new mathematical model raises the concern that switching to transgenic herbicide-tolerant crops could deprive birds of weed seeds.

  9. Animals

    Sexual conflict pushes species making

    A novel comparison of 25 pairs of insect lineages finds that sexual conflict plays more of a role in making new species than scientists had realized.

  10. Paleontology

    A human migration fueled by dung?

    When people made their way from Asia to the Americas, the path they took may have been covered in dung.

  11. Plants

    Emergency Gardening

    High-tech tissue culture is helping some ultrarare plants finally have sprouts of their own.

  12. Animals

    Why do two-sex geckos triumph?

    Just the smell of an invasive species of gecko suppresses egg laying and subdues aggression in a resident.