1. Astronomy

    Distant spiral galaxy poses for Gemini

    The newly operating Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph instrument on the Gemini North Telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, took a high-resolution composite photograph of a galaxy 30 million light-years away.

  2. Astronomy

    A Cosmic Crisis?

    Astronomers appear to have a heavenly crisis on their hands, and it concerns material they can't even detect.

  3. Astronomy

    Faint body may be galaxy building block

    Using a cosmic zoom lens, astronomers may have found one of the first building blocks of a galaxy in the universe.

  4. Astronomy

    Probe’s comet encounter yields close-ups

    A crippled NASA probe successfully navigated close enough to Comet Borrelly to capture and beam home black-and-white and infared images of its nucleus and new data about ions and other particles that radiate from it.

  5. Astronomy

    After a failure, a new craft to sail

    Despite the July 20 failure of its mission to test the unfurling of a solar sail in a suborbital trajectory, the Planetary Society announced plans in late August to conduct a second test of a sail-propelled craft.

  6. Astronomy

    A meteorite’s pristine origins

    A rare, carbon-rich meteorite that fell into a frozen Canadian lake last year ranks as the most pristine of such specimens ever found.

  7. Astronomy

    Gravity’s lens: Finding a sextet of images

    Astronomers have for the first time found a gravitational lens in which the image of a distant galaxy has been split into six distinct images.

  8. Astronomy

    Gravity’s lens: Finding a dim cluster

    Relying solely on a gravitational mirage rather than visible images, astronomers have discovered a previously unknown cluster of galaxies and measured its distance from Earth.

  9. Astronomy

    When Branes Collide

    A controversial new theory proposes that our universe existed as a cold, featureless void for eons, until a parallel universe floating through a hidden fifth dimension crashed into it, igniting the Big Bang.

  10. Planetary Science

    Galileo finds spires on Callisto

    The sharpest images ever taken of Jupiter's icy moon Callisto show a group of features never seen before on the remote body—icy, knoblike spires that show signs of slow but steady erosion.

  11. Astronomy

    X rays trace fierce stellar winds

    A high-resolution X-ray view of the Rosette nebula, a nearby star-forming region, has revealed for the first time that the stellar winds from massive stars heat surrounding gas to a scorching 6 million kelvins.

  12. Astronomy

    Galaxy’s Black Hole: X Rays Mark Spot

    An X-ray outburst from the center of our galaxy is providing compelling new evidence that a monster black hole lurks at the Milky Way's core.