1. Tech

    Simple system may curb auto emissions

    Researchers have developed a four-component system that acts like an on-vehicle oil refinery and may help significantly reduce the hydrocarbon emissions from internal combustion engines.

  2. Tech

    Technique puts more data into airwaves

    A new approach that exploits the orientations of the electric and magnetic fields in radio waves may increase data flows to and from cell phones and other wireless devices by up to a factor of six.

  3. Tech

    Current may flow free and cheap

    Wires that carry electricity without resistance at relatively high temperatures--and are inexpensive--moved a large step closer to reality as a 100-fold speed-up in depositing a key material wiped out a major obstacle to making those wires.

  4. Tech

    From silicon seeds, laser might sprout

    The achievement of light amplification in a layer of tiny nuggets of silicon called quantum dots raises the possibility that long-desired silicon lasers are on the way.

  5. Tech

    Beyond Imaging

    No longer just a diagnostic tool, ultrasound tackles surgery.

  6. Tech

    Beatin’ Those Low-Life Blue-Laser Blues

  7. Tech

    Membrane Filters Air

  8. Tech

    Rocket Fares to Be High for Space Passengers

  9. Tech

    Study Injuries Produced by Auto Windshields