Editor's Note

  1. Earth

    Creativity offers insights into the past and future

    With the long-term future of many fisheries in doubt and severe drought once again hitting the Southwest, coming up with new insights into the past and future on land and sea may be crucial to protecting some of our most precious resources.

  2. Microbes

    A newfound respect for the microbial world

    Despite what many people think about humans’ place in the scheme of things, scientists are finding more evidence that we live in a world of microbes.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Microbiome emerges as a clear breakthrough

  4. Genetics

    Exploring dog origins with data and a dose of imagination

  5. Science & Society

    U.S. science funding sends young people a mixed message

    I think science, and more specifically scientific thinking, is the most powerful tool for understanding the world. Everyone should learn how to think like a scientist.

  6. Humans

    Medicine’s future inspired by science fiction

  7. Science & Society

    A new look and other fruits of our digital experiments

    Science News has reinvented itself many times over the decades, and while our latest incarnation pushes us into the digital future, our mission remains unchanged: to translate the latest advances of science into an easy-to-read form.

  8. Astronomy

    Don’t worry, be grumpy and take nature’s cycles in stride

  9. Science & Society

    Coming soon: Science News any way you want it

    On October 2, we will launch a new and expanded Science News website. And starting with the October 19 issue, all print subscribers will have access to a new iPad version of Science News, at no additional charge. You’ll also notice a smart new look for the magazine.