1. Science & Society

    A science-themed escape room gives the brain a workout

    Quantum physicist Paul Kwiat reveals what it takes do well in LabEscape, his science-themed escape room.

  2. Humans

    What I actually learned about my family after trying 5 DNA ancestry tests

    Ancestry results vary widely depending on which company you use.

  3. Genetics

    What genetic tests from 23andMe, Veritas and Genos really told me about my health

    A Science News reporter tried out three consumer genetic testing companies to see what people really learn about their health.

  4. Genetics

    Darwin’s Dogs wants your dog’s DNA

    The Darwin’s Dogs citizen science project is collecting canine DNA to better understand dog genetics and behavior.

  5. Astronomy

    Go to Green Bank to listen to the stars

    Visitors to the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia get a close-up with the world’s largest movable land object.

  6. Animals

    When swimming with manatees, mind the herd

    Manatees hang out in Florida’s Crystal River; tourists can choose a mindful visit or a harmful one

  7. Planetary Science

    Do-it-yourself solar system

    If you've always wanted to build your own solar system, roll up your sleeves — SuperPlanetCrash is an online solar system simulator, set up as a game.

  8. Paleontology

    Hunting fossils in England

    On Monmouth Beach, just west of the center of Lyme Regis, amateur and professional collectors have been making discoveries for more than two centuries.

  9. Microbes

    Me and my microbiome

    Tina Hesman Saey tries out new services offering clients a peek at their own bacteria.