1. Health & Medicine

    BOOK LIST | Science Lessons: What the Business of Biotech Taught Me about Management

    The former CEO of Amgen narrates the company’s rise from start-up to biotech giant. Harvard Business School Press, 2008, 288 p., $29.95 SCIENCE LESSONS: WHAT THE BUSINESS OF BIOTECH TAUGHT ME ABOUT MANAGEMENT

  2. Animals

    BOOK LIST | Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human

    The story of a chimp being raised by humans —and washing the dishes (p.130). NIM CHIMPSKY: THE CHIMP WHO WOULD BE HUMAN Bantam Books, 2008, 269 p., $23.

  3. Humans

    BOOK LIST | Up River: Man-Made Sites of Interest on the Hudson from the Battery to Troy

    Take a tour through aerial photographs of the Hudson’s shore, starting at the tip of Manhattan. UP RIVER: MAN-MADE SITES OF INTEREST ON THE HUDSON FROM THE BATTERY TO TROY Blast Books, 2008, 174 p., $19.95.

  4. Health & Medicine

    BOOK LIST | On Speed: The Many Lives of Amphetamine

    The rise, fall and resurgence of the original “anti-depressants.” ON SPEED: THE MANY LIVES OF AMPHETAMINE New York Univ. Press, 2008, 352 p., $29.95 (cloth).

  5. Humans

    BOOK REVIEW | Naked in the Woods: Joseph Knowles and the Legacy of Frontier Fakery

    Last summer, the Discovery Channel temporarily suspended airing its hit survivalist show Man vs. Wild. The producer admitted that the protagonist would get help from staff or spend nights in hotels — all along claiming to rough it alone in the world’s most inhospitable places. Yet, Man vs. Wild was not the first high-profile case […]

  6. Space

    BOOK REVIEW | Einstein and Oppenheimer: The Meaning of Genius by Silvan S. Schweber

    In mid-20th century America, two scientists towered over all others in the public mind: Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer was the man who built the atomic bomb; Einstein’s theories explained how such a vast release of energy was possible. Both were acclaimed as geniuses of the highest order. Yet they were dissimilar in numerous […]

  7. BOOK LIST | Global Fever: How to Treat Climate Change

    An opening image of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” will have you flipping quickly to “Turning Around by 2020.” Univ. of Chicago Press, 2008, 337 p., $22.50. GLOBAL FEVER: HOW TO TREAT CLIMATE CHANGE

  8. Humans

    BOOK LIST | Human Origins: What Bones and Genomes Tell Us about Ourselves

    A guided tour of our pre-history and how we understand it. Texas A&M Univ. Press, 2008, 216 p., $29.95. HUMAN ORIGINS: WHAT BONES AND GENOMES TELL US ABOUT OURSELVES

  9. Health & Medicine

    BOOK LIST | Guilty Robots, Happy Dogs: The Question of Alien Minds

    The alien minds are of animals. The question: Can robots mimic them? Oxford Univ. Press, 2008, 252 p., $34.95. GUILTY ROBOTS, HAPPY DOGS: THE QUESTION OF ALIEN MINDS

  10. Life

    BOOK LIST | Finding Home

    For young readers, the story of a koala who survived a brush fire. Charlesbridge, 2008, 16 p., $15.95. FINDING HOME

  11. Ecosystems

    BOOK LIST | Trees, Truffles, and Beasts: How Forests Function

    An argument that simple policies will not save complex forests.Rutgers Univ. Press, 2008, 280 p., $26.95 (paperback). TREES, TRUFFLES, AND BEASTS: HOW FORESTS FUNCTION

  12. Humans

    BOOK REVIEW | Curiosity and Enlightenment: Collectors and Collections from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century

    Chock-full of unicorn horns (narwhal teeth), griffin claws (antelope antlers), leopard skins, petrified wood or other gems hand-picked from nature, “cabinets of curiosities” have developed a modern-day reputation as whimsical caboodles of miscellaneous oddities. This book will overturn that impression. A proper collection was “a model of universal nature, made private,” as Francis Bacon, the […]