SN 10

  1. Computing

    Shayan Oveis Gharan finds the shortest route to success

    Theoretical computer scientist Shayan Oveis Gharan has identified connections between unrelated fields to tackle the traveling salesman problem.

  2. Oceans

    Melissa Omand’s clever tech follows the fate of ocean carbon

    Drawn to the water early, oceanographer Melissa Omand now leads research cruises studying how carbon and nutrients move through the seas.

  3. Physics

    Tenio Popmintchev fits X-ray laser on a tabletop

    Laser physicist Tenio Popmintchev has created a Swiss-army-knife tool made of light.

  4. Particle Physics

    William Detmold: Looking deep into atoms’ hearts

    MIT theoretical physicist William Detmold probes the fundamental bits of matter that combine to form the nuclei of atoms.

  5. Genetics

    Benyam Kinde: Gene expression and Rett syndrome

    M.D.-Ph.D. student Benyam Kinde studies how genetic changes affect brain cells’ activity in Rett syndrome.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Isaac Kinde: Finding cancer via altered genes

    Isaac Kinde helped create a technology that can spot cancers early to give patients a better chance at survival.

  7. Neuroscience

    Priya Rajasethupathy: Memories mark DNA

    Neuroscientist Priya Rajasethupathy has discovered a tiny molecule that may turn off part of the genome to help the brain store long-term memories.

  8. Neuroscience

    Steve Ramirez: Erasing fear memories

    Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez is manipulating memories in mice to one day erase fearful memories of PTSD.

  9. Chemistry

    Sarah Reisman: Better synthesis of natural compounds

    Chemist Sarah Reisman is trying to find new ways to build complicated chemical compounds found in nature.

  10. Neuroscience

    Yasser Roudi: Creating maps in the brain

    Physicist Yasser Roudi does the math on how the brain and other complex systems process information.

  11. Quantum Physics

    Shinsei Ryu: Error-free quantum calculations

    Physicist Shinsei Ryu navigates the confusing border between the quantum and everyday realms.

  12. Life

    Gia Voeltz: Redrawing the cell’s floor plan

    Cell biologist Gia Voeltz has changed our view of the endoplasmic reticulum.