1. Physics

    A new device can produce electricity using shadows

    Even under low light, this new technology exploits the contrast between light and shade to produce a current that can power small electronics.

  2. Chemistry

    A fungus makes a chemical that neutralizes the stench of skunk spray

    A compound produced by fungi reacts with skunk spray to form residues that aren’t offensive to the nose and can be more easily washed away.

  3. Life

    Giving cats food with an antibody may help people with cat allergies

    Research by pet-food maker Purina aims to disable the major allergen carried in cat saliva, a protein called Fel d1.

  4. Health & Medicine

    A single-dose antidote may help prevent fentanyl overdoses

    Packing overdose medication into nanoparticles could help it better counteract dangerous synthetic opioids.

  5. Materials Science

    A new fabric becomes more breathable as you work up a sweat

    A yarn-based textile can switch from breathable to insulating and back again, depending on how much you sweat.

  6. Tech

    Self-driving cars see better with cameras that mimic mantis shrimp vision

    A new type of camera that sees in polarized light across a wide range of light intensities could help make self-driving cars safer on the road.

  7. Tech

    These new superthin antennas are made from metallic nanomaterials

    Superthin antennas could bring household devices and wearable technology online.

  8. Materials Science

    A new plastic film glows to flag food contaminated with dangerous microbes

    Plastic patches that glow when they touch some types of bacteria could be built into food packaging to reduce the spread of foodborne illness.

  9. Materials Science

    Smart windows could block brightness and harness light

    A new type of material pulls double-duty as window shade and solar cell.

  10. Materials Science

    New textile weathers temperature shift

    Reversible textile keeps skin at a comfortable temperature with thin layers of carbon and copper.

  11. Microbes

    A new gel could help in the fight against deadly, drug-resistant superbugs

    An antibacterial ointment breaks down the defenses of drug-resistant microbes such as MRSA in lab tests.

  12. Neuroscience

    Jazz improvisers score high on creativity

    Jazz musicians’ creativity linked to brain dexterity.