1. Life

    A new material may one day keep mussels off piers and boat hulls

    Mussels don’t stick to a new lubricant-infused silicone material.

  2. Tech

    The rise of respectful robots

    A new roaming robot knows how to keep out from underfoot.

  3. Planetary Science

    Moons of Uranus face future collision

    By studying variations in the rings of Uranus, researchers have determined the mass and density of the planet’s moon Cressida.

  4. Astronomy

    These chip-sized spacecraft are the smallest space probes yet

    Space initiative dubbed Breakthrough Starshot sent the smallest spacecraft yet into orbit around Earth.

  5. Life

    Ladybugs fold their wings like origami masters

    Ladybug wings could lead to new foldable technologies.

  6. Materials Science

    Bone-inspired steel cracks less under pressure

    Steel that’s structured like bone resists cracks better that the traditional form of the heavy-duty building material.

  7. Physics

    Sound waves could take a tsunami down a few notches

    A tsunami’s ferocious force could be taken down a few notches with a pair of counter waves.

  8. Animals

    For calmer chickens, bathe eggs in light

    Shining light on incubating eggs leads to calmer adult chickens, a study suggests.

  9. Health & Medicine

    A Pap smear can scoop up fetal cells for genome testing

    Pap smear during pregnancy could offer an early way to test for fetal genetic disorders.

  10. Tech

    Double-charging material makes a run in the sun extra powerful

    Textile stores energy from the sun and a person’s movements to power devices.

  11. Tech

    How to read a book without opening it

    New technique allows scientists to read the pages of an ancient text without opening the book.