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Long-lost Martian glaciers, ozone on Venus and more in this week's news

11:54am, September 6, 2011

Enceladus: Me 2 maybe! RT @Europa I have a global ocean!
Add another candidate to the roster of sloshy outer solar system moons with global oceans. Joining water world Europa is the moon-of-the-moment: Enceladus, the tiny Saturnian satellite best known for spewing saltwater into space from large fractures known as “tiger stripes.”  But, raked across the south pole, the fractures aren’t quite parallel — and scientists now blame a lurking global ocean and free-floating icy canvas for their different orientations. In a study to appear in Geophysical Research Letters, scientists from the University of Idaho in Moscow describe a rotating crust topping a global sea. Though a liquid pocket on Enceladus is widely accepted, scientists are still debating whether the moon hosts a global ocean or regional sea. —Nadia Drake

Four billion years ago, visitors to Mars might ha

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