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Cutting edge chemistry rushes online

2:59pm, June 16, 2003

From Washington, D.C., at the 220th national meeting of the American Chemical Society

A controversial new tool that may accelerate chemistry research made its debut last week. Chemists can now submit their research papers to the Chemistry Preprint Server, which was officially launched at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The server is run by a London-based, commercial Internet site called, with some 200,000 members.

Before printed journals accept papers for publication, they generally put scientists' work through a lengthy review process. This can delay the communication of breakthroughs, both modest and dramatic, to other scientists doing related work.

The new preprint server lets researchers share their results with other chemist worldwide without anyone's stamp of approval. Once a ChemWeb staff member determines that a submission indeed is a chemistry paper—and not, for example, an offensive document—he posts it immediately. Abou

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