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Good news for coffeeholics

2 to 3 cups daily drops death rate among women

Go ahead, have that extra cup of coffee.

One of the largest studies ever conducted shows that coffee drinkers die at almost the same rates as their non-drinking peers. But, after controlling for the fact that coffee drinkers tend to exercise less and smoke more, coffee is linked to a slightly lower death rate in both men and women.

The findings, reported in the June 17 Annals of Internal Medicine, are based on data from the Nurses Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. The two studies tracked 86,214 female nurses for 24 years and 41,736 male veterinarians, pharmacists and other health workers for 18 years. Every two years, the volunteers answered detailed questionnaires about coffee consumption, exercise habits, weight, smoking history and other health information.

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