Hubble repair mission delayed yet again

But some good news as the telescope's main camera takes its first snapshot in several weeks

6:43pm, October 30, 2008

There’s good news and bad news about efforts to repair and upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope.
First the good news: Two days after Hubble was brought back to life on October 25, the orbiting observatory’s only working camera took this image of a pair of gravitationally interacting galaxies called Arp 147. The pair lies about 400 million light-years from Earth.
NASA officials say the image, released October 30, reveals that the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 is working just as well as it did on September 27, the day Hubble fell silent with the sudden failure of a unit that formats and labels data to relay to Earth.
After some initial glitches, engineers succeeded in commanding Hubble to switch to a duplicate unit onboard the craft.

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