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9:38pm, January 16, 2009

Right-left preference
In the article “Body in mind” (SN: 10/25/08, p. 24), Dr. Casasanto speaks of results with people who are left-handed or right-handed. But no mention is made of people who are innately ambidextrous, as in my family. Has he worked with any of these people? What about people who are almost ambidextrous but not totally? I notice the quality runs in families, but since it is stronger or weaker depending on the individual, I would conclude several genes play a role.
Tana Hemingway, Mesquite, N.M.

“Everyone falls somewhere along a continuum from right- to left-handed,” says Daniel Casasanto of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, whose research suggests people with different kinds of bodies think differently about abstract concepts. “Someone’s degree of handedness should influence how strongly they show a preference for their

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