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Letters to the Editor


1:09pm, May 6, 2011

Ain’t got the beat
Obviously, Bruce Bower hasn’t tried to teach tourists how to dance. “A man oblivious to music’s tempo” (SN: 3/26/11, p. 9), though not common, is not rare. In the last 35-plus years I’ve shown more than 10,000 visitors to New Orleans how to do the Cajun two-step or waltz, and perhaps 1 to 2 percent exhibit “beat deafness.” In spite of the music’s strong beat, I have run into one or two a month who are not blessed with even the slightest sense of rhythm. I do refrain, however, from asking them to be included in a neurological study.
Ben Rauch, Chatawa, Miss.

Regarding “A man oblivious to music’s tempo”: I have never been able to dance or skate to the music. My partners would say, “Move with the beat,” and “You’re not keeping time.” I would ask them to explain what they meant by “

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