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  1. A photo of a woman drinking from a water bottle on the beach with the sun setting in the background
    Health & Medicine

    How much water should you drink a day? It depends on several factors.

    A study of more than 5,000 people in 23 countries finds that individual water need varies widely depending on physical and environmental factors.

  2. photo of a crowd of people in New York City

    The world population has now reached 8 billion

    In a first, the global population surpassed this milestone on November 15, according to a projection from the United Nations.

  3. A photo of Cymatioa cooki resting on an underwater rock

    A clam presumed extinct for 40,000 years has been found alive

    The reappearance of living Cymatioa cooki clams places it among a group of back-from-the-dead creatures dubbed the Lazarus taxa.

  4. An illustration of the ancient armored worm Wufengella, with knobby spikes on its top and clumps of bristles on its side

    This ancient worm might be an important evolutionary missing link

    A roughly 520-million-year-old fossil may be the common ancestor of a diverse collection of marine invertebrates.

  5. image of a campfire

    Prehistoric people may have used light from fires to create dynamic art

    When brought near flickering flames, prehistoric stone engravings of animals seem to move, experiments with replicas and virtual reality show.

  6. illustration of AB Aurigae star

    A newly discovered planet renews debate about how some giant worlds form

    An implosion of gas may have given birth to this young exoplanet, which orbits too far from its star to have been built up bit by bit, researchers say.

  7. coronal loops, strands of plasma looping around the sun

    Some of the sun’s iconic coronal loops may be illusions

    Folds in the plasma that streams from the sun might trick the eye into seeing the well-defined arches, computer simulations of the solar atmosphere show.