Amy McDermott

Summer 2016 Science Writing Intern

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  1. mice

    Donor mitochondria could influence metabolism, aging

    Mitochondrial DNA donation could have unexpected long-term health consequences for “three-parent babies.”

  2. Valerian plant

    Warming alters mountain plant’s sex ratios

    Global warming has different effects on male and female plants. Tracking sex ratio shifts could be a fast signal of climate change, researchers say.

  3. scale development

    Reptile scales share evolutionary origin with hair, feathers

    Hair, scales and feathers arose from same ancestral appendage.

  4. coral in American Samoa

    Coral bleaching event is longest on record

    Widespread coral bleaching continues, in the longest episode, over the largest area to date.

  5. mouse ears
    Health & Medicine

    Mosquito spit can increase dengue severity

    By weakening blood vessels, mosquito saliva may make dengue fever more severe in some cases.

  6. Giant panda

    Pandas have ultrasonic hearing

    Giant pandas hear very high frequencies. Scientists still don’t know why.