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  1. Pit viper

    Cheap, innovative venom treatments could save tens of thousands of snakebite victims

    Momentum is building to finally tackle a neglected health problem that strikes poor, rural communities.

  2. banana spider in web

    Some spiders may spin poisonous webs laced with neurotoxins

    The sticky silk threads of spider webs may be hiding a toxic secret: potent neurotoxins that paralyze a spider’s prey.

  3. a ringed caecilian

    Bizarre caecilians may be the only amphibians with venomous bites

    Microscope and chemical analyses suggest that, like snakes, caecilians have glands near their teeth that secrete venom.

  4. photograph of Sochurek's saw-scaled viper
    Health & Medicine

    A pill for heavy metal poisoning may also save snakebite victims

    In mice, an oral medication delayed or even prevented death after a lethal dose of viper venom, a new study finds.