Emily Conover

Emily Conover

Senior Writer, Physics

Physics writer Emily Conover joined Science News in 2016. She has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Chicago, where she studied the weird ways of neutrinos, tiny elementary particles that can zip straight through the Earth. She got her first taste of science writing as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She has previously written for Science Magazine and the American Physical Society. She is a two-time winner of the D.C. Science Writers’ Association Newsbrief award.

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  1. illustration of proton collision
    Particle Physics

    Theorists perplexed by hints of unexpected new particle

    Hints of a potential new particle at the LHC have scientists excited, and theoretical physicists are beginning to converge on explanations.

  2. Dwarf galaxy Reticulum II

    Ancient dwarf galaxy was heavy-element factory

    A rare event in an ancient galaxy left traces of heavy elements in its stars.

  3. illustration of a black hole's accretion disk

    How to make gravitational waves ‘sing’

    A rapidly spinning black hole would make a unique pattern of gravitational waves when it sucks in a smaller companion.

  4. gamma ray map

    New sky map charts previously unknown gamma-ray sources

    A new map of the sky from the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory charts the cosmic origins of high-energy photons.

  5. Quantum Physics

    Information is physical, even in quantum systems, study suggests

    A thermodynamic principle says that deleting information generates heat, and now, scientists say that goes for quantum systems, too.

  6. heat engines

    Itty bitty engine puts a single atom to work

    Scientists have created a miniature heat engine out of a single atom.

  7. someone playing the Quantum Moves game
    Quantum Physics

    Gamers outperform computer at quantum task

    Quantum mechanics may be weird, but a new video game shows that human intuition can still best computers at quantum tasks.

  8. Gold nanoparticles

    Turning water to steam, no boiling required

    A new material can convert water into steam with sunlight alone, and could be useful for making fresh water from salty.

  9. illustration of a blazar

    Possible source of high-energy neutrino reported

    Scientists may have found the cosmic birthplace of an ultra-high energy neutrino: a blazar 9 billion light years away.

  10. Gravitational waves

    Faint gravitational waves could soon be on LIGO’s radar

    In a few years, LIGO could detect hints of faint gravitational waves from black holes too far away to be seen directly.