Erin Garcia de Jesús is a staff writer at Science News. She holds a Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Washington, where she studied virus/host co-evolution. After deciding science as a whole was too fascinating to spend a career studying one topic, she went on to earn a master’s in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her writing has appeared in Nature News, Science, Eos, Smithsonian Voices and more, and she was the winter 2019 science writing intern at Science News.

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  1. Model of human ovaries and uterus
    Health & Medicine

    ‘Vagina Obscura’ shows how little is known about female biology

    The new book ‘Vagina Obscura’ chronicles how scientists are finally giving female health and anatomy proper attention.

  2. two Asian giant hornets face each other outside a honeybee colony

    How to make irresistible traps for Asian giant hornets using sex

    Traps baited with compounds found in the sex pheromone of hornet queens attracted thousands of males in China.

  3. a photo of a person in a hyperbaric chamber
    Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, oxygen was touted as a potential memory loss treatment

    In 1972, researchers were studying whether hyperbaric chambers could help reverse senility. Today, science is still piecing together clues.

  4. image of rows of green surgical masks on a yellow background
    Health & Medicine

    How to interpret the CDC’s new mask guidelines

    Based on the CDC’s new metrics, most people no longer need to wear masks in most situations, but that could change.

  5. illustration of floating Clostridioides difficile bacteria with a chain mail–like outer layer amid a blue background

    A chain mail–like armor may shield C. difficile from some antibiotics

    Examining the structures that protect Clostridioides difficile from medicines could help researchers find new ways to target and kill the bacteria.

  6. People walking past a COVID testing booth to the 2022 Super Bowl, several wearing Rams jerseys
    Health & Medicine

    The COVID-19 pandemic is not an on-off switch

    The pandemic is more of a dimmer switch, and it will be a slow slide to the endemic phase, says epidemiologist Aubree Gordon.

  7. image of Erica Esrick in a hospital room speaking with Helen Obando and her family

    Gene therapies for sickle cell disease come with hope and challenges

    Pediatrician Erica Esrick discusses existing sickle cell treatments and an ongoing clinical trial.

  8. image of virus particles floating amid a city scene
    Health & Medicine

    Omicron crushed delta in the U.S. These numbers show just how fast it happened

    It took the delta coronavirus variant eight weeks to make up more than 50 percent of new U.S. COVID-19 infections, estimates show. It took omicron two.

  9. image of silhouettes of people from different genetic ancestries

    How one scientist aims to boost Black people’s representation in genetic datasets

    Through information sharing, geneticist Tshaka Cunningham wants to build trust and encourage more Black people to engage with the medical community.

  10. image of a T cell attacking a cancer cell
    Health & Medicine

    Genetically engineered immune cells have kept two people cancer-free for a decade

    Long-lasting leukemia remission prompts doctors to call CAR-T cell therapy a ‘cure’ for some.

  11. a thirteen-lined ground squirrel curled up into a tight ball

    Gut microbes help some squirrels stay strong during hibernation

    Microbes living in the critters’ guts take nitrogen from urea and put it into the amino acid glutamine, helping squirrels retain muscle in the winter.

  12. image of parents laying on either side of an infant and kissing the infant

    Babies may use saliva sharing to figure out relationships

    Actions like sharing bites of food or kissing may cue young children into close bonds, a new study suggests.