Erin Wayman

Erin Wayman

Managing Editor, Magazine

Erin Wayman became Science News’ production editor in 2013 after a year of reporting on earth and environmental sciences for the magazine. A former primatologist-in-training, Erin decided to leave monkey-watching behind after a close run-in with angry peccaries in Ecuador. Once she completed her master’s degree in biological anthropology at the University of California, Davis, she switched careers and earned a master’s in science writing at Johns Hopkins University. Erin was previously an associate editor at EARTH and an assistant editor at Smithsonian magazine, where she blogged about human evolution. Her work has also appeared in New Scientist, Slate, ScienceNOW and Current Anthropology.

All Stories by Erin Wayman

  1. Paleontology

    Dinosaur had impressive schnoz

    Fossils found in Utah reveal geographic segregation of horned species.

  2. Paleontology

    T. rex hunted live prey

    Fossils yield tooth in healed wound of another dinosaur.

  3. Earth

    Huge quakes may foretell smaller, human-caused ones

    Distant powerful temblors triggered ominous activity at wastewater injection sites.

  4. Neuroscience

    Finding the brain’s common language

    Erich Jarvis dreams of creating a talking chimpanzee. If his theories on language are right, that just might happen one day.

  5. Earth

    Taking Antarctica’s temperature

    Frozen continent may not be immune to global warming.

  6. Astronomy

    Clouds may keep exoplanets cool

    Even when close to their stars, other worlds could harbor liquid water.

  7. Anthropology

    Human ancestors scrambled to their feet, a new explanation for bipedalism asserts

  8. Life

    Billion-Dollar Fish

  9. Earth

    Faults can reseal months after quakes

    Measurements in southern China find quick healing of fractured rock.

  10. Animals

    Elephant diets changed millions of years before their teeth

    The animals fed on grasses long before their molars could grind the tough plants.

  11. Animals

    Oysters may struggle to build shells as carbon dioxide rises

    Ocean acidification could hamper larvae's growth.

  12. Life

    Primitive fish could nod but not shake its head

    Ancient fossils reveal surprises about early vertebrate necks, abdominal muscles.