Eva Emerson

Editor In Chief, 2012-2017

Eva Emerson joined the Science News staff in December 2007 and, as managing editor, helped oversee redesign of the magazine and a relaunch of the website. She was promoted to editor in chief in 2012. A native of Los Angeles, Eva previously was associate director of the office of communications at the University of Southern California College of Letters, Arts & Sciences, where she edited the alumni magazine and wrote about science for campus publications. She has also held staff positions at the Magic School Bus television show, the Honolulu Weekly and the California Science Center. She is the coauthor of a book of classroom activities, Naturescope Kit: Habitats, published by the National Wildlife Federation and has freelanced for UPI, Discovery.com, ScienceNOW and Highlights for Children. She earned a B.A. in biological sciences and a graduate certificate in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

All Stories by Eva Emerson

  1. Science & Society

    City of graphene hosts forum full of questions

    Editor in chief Eva Emerson discusses scientific inquiry and drawing inspiration from a supersmall element.

  2. Earth

    Science finds many tricks for traveling to the past

    Our editor in chief discusses what science can tell us about the past.

  3. Staphylococcus lugdunensis and MRSA

    The nose knows how to fight staph

    A bacterium isolated from the nose produces a new antibiotic active against resistant pathogens.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Still mysterious, aging may prove malleable

    Our editor in chief discusses the science of aging.

  5. Science & Society

    Problem-solving insights enable new technologies

    Our editor in chief discusses science's role in solving society's most pressing issues.

  6. Science & Society

    On a mission for science, on Jupiter and on Earth

    Editor in chief Eva Emerson discusses promoting science and the new sponsor of the Science Talent Search.

  7. Science & Society

    Science fairs offer top students a grand stage

    Editor in chief Eva Emerson discusses the value of science communication for students.

  8. George Yancopoulos
    Science & Society

    Regeneron is new sponsor of Science Talent Search

    As new sponsor of the Science Talent Search, Regeneron will give $100 million over 10 years to support the prestigious science fair and its outreach efforts.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Math offers new view of brain and its disorders

    Editor in chief Eva Emerson discusses new insights into the brain's role in mental illness, sleep, and ancient rituals.

  10. Science & Society

    Scientific evidence should inform politicized debates

    Our editor in chief discusses science's role in informing divisive political and social issues.

  11. Space

    Trying to find ET and our place in the universe

    Editor in Chief discusses the search for life beyond Earth.

  12. Climate

    Science’s inconvenient (but interesting) uncertainties

    In the latest issue of Science News, Editor in Chief Eva Emerson talks climate change, mouth microbes, and synthetic life.