Helen Thompson

Helen Thompson

Associate Digital Editor

Helen Thompson is the associate digital editor at Science News. She helps manage the website, makes videos, builds interactives, wrangles cats and occasionally writes about things like dandelion flight and whale evolution. She has undergraduate degrees in biology and English from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, a master’s degree in science writing from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and strong opinions about tacos. Before Science News, she wrote for Smithsonian, NPR.org, National Geographic, Nature and others.

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  1. dandelion floof

    Dandelion seeds create a bizarre whirlpool in the air to fly

    Researchers have deciphered the physics underlying dandelion flight.

  2. Tosanoides aphrodite

    This new fish species displays a splash of highlighter hues

    Researchers stumbled upon a new species of coral reef fish with spectacular coloration and a unique habitat.

  3. Brazil's National Museum
    Science & Society

    Before it burned, Brazil’s National Museum gave much to science

    When Brazil’s National Museum went up in flames, so did the hard work of the researchers who work there.

  4. Parker probe in rocket

    With launch looming, the Parker Solar Probe is ready for its star turn

    The Parker Solar Probe is scheduled to launch on August 11 to become the first spacecraft to touch the sun.

  5. Ötzi the Iceman

    Ötzi loaded up on fatty food before he died

    A new analysis provides a complete picture of what was in Ötzi the Iceman’s stomach when he died.

  6. Ebola nurses in Congo
    Health & Medicine

    Ebola vaccinations begin in Congo

    A vaccination campaign is up and running to fight the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Congo. It’s the first of its kind.

  7. Health workers at Bikoro Hospital
    Health & Medicine

    What we know about the Ebola outbreak, and the vaccine that might help

    Even as an experimental vaccine arrives in Congo to contain the virus, there are worrisome signs Ebola has spread to a city.

  8. bowhead whale

    See (and hear) the stunning diversity of bowhead whales’ songs

    Bowhead whales display a huge range in their underwater melodies, but the drivers behind this diversity remain murky.

  9. cicadas

    Cicadas on different schedules can hybridize

    A new genetic study suggests that cicadas that emerge every 17 years have swapped genetic material with those that emerge every 13 years.

  10. pig
    Health & Medicine

    A new coronavirus is killing pigs in China

    Genetic evidence identifies a previously unknown coronavirus that’s causing problems in pigs.

  11. fishing net washed ashore

    The great Pacific garbage patch may be 16 times as massive as we thought

    The giant garbage patch between Hawaii and California weighs at least 79,000 tons, a new estimate suggests.

  12. wolf pup

    How oral vaccines could save Ethiopian wolves from extinction

    A mass oral vaccination program in Ethiopian wolves could pave the way for other endangered species and help humans, too.