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  1. mother in Bangladesh feeding malnourished child
    Health & Medicine

    Food that boosts gut microbes could be a new way to help malnourished kids

    Malnourished children in Bangladesh fed a food aimed at restoring gut health grew more than those who got a traditional high-calorie supplement.

  2. Penicillin allergy medic-alert bracelet

    Penicillin allergies may be linked to one immune system gene

    Researchers have located a shared hot spot — on the HLA-B gene — in the immune system in people who say they have penicillin allergies.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Imagination Medicine

    Placebos are supposed to be nothing. They’re sugar pills, shots of saline, fake creams; they’re given to the comparison group in drug trials so doctors can see whether a new treatment is better than no treatment. THE NON-PILL | Brain imaging reveals the substance of placebos. Expectation alone triggers the same neural circuits and chemicals as real […]

  4. Health & Medicine

    Rotten Remedy

    The gas well-known for its smell of rotten eggs is, recent studies show, a ubiquitous concoction in the body. New studies suggest that the hydrogen sulfide occurring naturally inside us can be both friend and enemy to our health.