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  1. Health & Medicine

    Brain doesn’t sort by visual cues alone

    Blind and sighted people’s brains sort the living from the nonliving in the same way, suggesting this ability may be hard-wired.

  2. Space

    Half the boom better than no boom at all

    The Large Hadron Collider will begin colliding protons at half of the designed energy this November, with plans to repair the faulty sections of the accelerator at the end of 2010.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Adult mouse gut makes new neurons

    Scientists find newborn nerve cells in the intestines of adult mice, suggesting a new line of research for treating intestinal disorders.

  4. Physics

    Putting the pressure on light

    Changing pressure helps scientists gauge the speed of light in composite materials.

  5. Life

    Allergy meds slim down obese mice

    Animal study shows over-the-counter medications lower weight and treat type 2 diabetes. The study is one of four to link type 2 diabetes with the immune system.

  6. Earth

    Salty water power

    A study reports a new, cheaper way to harvest energy from salt water and fresh water.

  7. Earth

    Arctic images declassified

    High-res Arctic sea images should be declassified, says National Research Council.

  8. Chemistry

    A new low for nano ice

    A new study shows that nanoparticles of frozen water melt at drastically lower temperatures than water in bulk.

  9. Physics

    Mass mismatch makes mystery for proton’s strange cousin

    An exotic cousin of the proton is caught in action again. But its measured mass doesn’t match previous results.

  10. Paleontology

    Flexible molars made chewing champions out of duck-billed dinosaurs

    Tiny scratches in the fossilized teeth of Edmontosaurus suggest what these large herbivores ate and how they ate it.

  11. Physics

    Glass beads cluster as they flow

    High-speed camera catches liquidlike behavior in a stream of granular material.

  12. Physics

    Martian lightning

    The Red Planet’s dust devils charge up particles, providing first direct evidence of this type of electrical discharge on Mars.