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  1. Animals

    Culturally prized mountain goats may be vanishing from Indigenous land in Canada

    As fewer mountain goats are spotted along British Columbia’s central coast, First Nations people team up with biologists to assess the population.

  2. Animals

    Female dolphins have a clitoris much like humans’

    The similarities suggest female dolphins experience sexual pleasure, which may explain why the species is so randy all the time.

  3. Animals

    Some birds learn to recognize calls while still in their eggs

    For over a decade, behavioral ecologist Diane Colombelli-Négrel and colleagues have been studying how birds perceive sounds before hatching.

  4. Animals

    A hammerhead shark baby boom near Florida hints at a historic nursery

    Finding an endangered shark nursery in a vast ocean is like finding a needle in a haystack. But that’s just what scientists did near Miami.

  5. Animals

    Humpback whale bumps have marine biologists stumped

    Christine Gabriele is taking tissue samples from humpback whales in Hawaii to determine why more and more have nodular dermatitis.

  6. Animals

    Here’s why so many saiga antelope mysteriously died in 2015

    Higher than normal temperatures turned normally benign bacteria lethal, killing hundreds of thousands of the saiga antelopes.

  7. Animals

    In marine mammals’ battle of the sexes, vaginal folds can make the difference

    Patricia Brennan and colleagues found certain female ocean mammals have vaginal folds that give them an advantage in mating

  8. Animals

    Surgeon aims to diagnose deformities of extinct saber-toothed cats

    Using CT scans, one orthopedic surgeon is on a quest to diagnose deformities in long-dead saber-toothed cats.