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  1. Aedes aegypti
    Health & Medicine

    Florida mosquitoes likely spreading Zika

    Mosquitoes in Florida carrying the Zika virus are probably to blame for four recent cases of infection.

  2. zika watch 7/28
    Health & Medicine

    This week in Zika: Revised risk, new mosquito threat, U.S. on the brink

    First potential cases of locally spread Zika crop up in the continental United States, estimates of infection risk, antibodies that can fight the virus and a new mosquito species that may be able to carry Zika.

  3. zika watch 7/15
    Health & Medicine

    First case of woman-to-man spread of Zika via sex reported

    The first known case of female-to-male sexual transmission of Zika virus has been reported in New York City.

  4. Zika virus in Latin America
    Health & Medicine

    Zika epidemic peaking in Latin America

    Zika virus is burning through the population of Latin America; the epidemic will probably be over within two years, and won’t strike again for at least 10 years or more, a new analysis suggests.

  5. Rio de Janeiro
    Health & Medicine

    Risk of travelers to Olympics sparking new Zika outbreaks low

    Just four countries — Chad, Djibouti, Eritrea and Yemen — bear a substantial risk of bringing Zika virus home from the Olympics and having it spread, the CDC says.

  6. HIV infected cell
    Health & Medicine

    Unprotected sex less risky if HIV-positive partner on antiretroviral therapy

    The risk of HIV transmission during unprotected sex drops drastically if the HIV-positive partner is taking antiretroviral therapy.

  7. robotic stingray

    Light-activated heart cells help guide robotic stingray

    Layers of silicone, gold and genetically engineered rat heart cells make up the body of a new stingray robot that can swim in response to light.

  8. Gun sounds

    Sounds from gunshots may help solve crimes

    Sound wave analysis may help forensic scientists figure out what types of guns were fired at a crime scene.

  9. zika watch 6/28
    Health & Medicine

    This week in Zika: vaccine progress, infection insights

    Vaccine candidates for Zika virus take a step forward, birth defects span spectrum of problems and doubts about Zika’s link to microcephaly may be extinguished by new reports from Colombia.

  10. Leonardo the duck-billed dino

    Parasites wormed way into dino’s gut

    Tiny slimed tunnels in the guts of a 77-million-year-old duck-billed dinosaur fossil offer the first hard evidence that dinosaurs may have been infected by parasitic worms, paleontologists say.

  11. Hope Jahren

    ‘Lab Girl’ invites readers into hidden world of plants

    In Lab Girl, geobiologist Hope Jahren reveals secret lives of plants — and scientists.

  12. man with guns
    Science & Society

    Tough gun laws in Australia eliminate mass shootings

    Following the 1996 implementation of strict gun control laws in Australia, the country has not experienced any mass shootings.